Connected customer experience: A mother’s perspective
Jane Hendricks
Jane Hendricks
March 20, 2019

In the Business 4.0™ world, the Moment of Truth has been replaced by the sum of connected experiences. For years, customer experience management has been about improving the customer touchpoints (moments of truth) and enhancing customer loyalty. Today, that’s not enough. There are far more touchpoints and a huge amount of data that enterprises have about their customers; the need is now to look at how these multiple moments of truth can be connected to deliver a superlative experience to the customer.

In my work with the TCS Digital Software and Solutions Group, we help retailers deliver these connected experiences. I do this because I know, first hand, the power of that connected experience. I have two examples to share of warm motherhood moments enabled by connected customer experiences: a perfect Mother’s Day, and an imperfect day made better.

Before we dive into these examples, we need to understand the importance of context to delivering an experience. Context is all important when it comes to creating an experience – in marketing as well as gifting, as I realized. Mother’s Day gift-givers need a deep understanding of the mom – one that goes well beyond the ‘top 10 gifts for mom’ emails that clutter the mailbox and social media.

For example, last year I received a beautiful hanging plant. I needed a hanging plant and the colors were just right. Unfortunately, while I love plants, they need to be hardy and either get watered by someone or enjoy long periods of drought (the hanging plant didn’t make it). It was a nice gift and I enjoyed it while it lived. I still have the pot. The giver knew me – but not well enough to connect the dots and create what could have been a connected experience. It was a moment.

Contrast that with a perfect, in-context offer my son made. He woke up early(ish) to help peel five pounds of potatoes for brunch, and in the middle of a break in peeling action, revealed a ‘just-right’ card that he had bought and signed. He delivered a connected experience using nuanced insight into me as an individual. He knew that before I could enjoy the card, I needed to get through preparations, and so he paved the way for me to enjoy his gift properly.

Using that same deep insight, he was able to match a card to a mom who typically laughs and satirizes sappy cards. Now, no marketer will ever know their customer as intimately as a son does, but they need to try and get to a level much deeper than the typical offer based on surface characteristics like the last purchase made.

Let’s look beyond those special occasion gifts though and consider a typical day in the lift of a busy mom – one that needs to get two boys to two different sports fields at the same time at two different locations, finish up a work project by ‘end of day’, make dinner, make a vet appointment for the family pet, and – as is typical for a day like this – fix the ‘maintenance now’ light that just started blinking on the family car. For this kind of day (and I have them often), Business 4.0™ is essential.

My Google Home started my morning by reminding me of the games for the boys and calling out the conflict. While I worked on my presentation, I could, with a simple voice command or two, arrange car pools that wouldn’t result in future conflict – something that happened regularly before digital technology came into the picture. One down.

Next, my on-demand dinner delivery service came through with all the ingredients and a simple instruction card for a healthy home-cooked meal, and my car arranged for its own appointment. It was still well before lunch and my day was already looking a lot better.

Finally, a quick text to the vet kicked off a hands-free scheduling process, assisted by my smart calendar. All in all, the connected technology landscape that Business 4.0™ enables isn’t just about helping organizations sell more products, gain more wallet share, or attract more customers. It’s about working mothers like me living better, more productive, less stressful lives thanks to technology.